Roll up, roll up, the circus is coming to town!

Circus skills are an exciting and energetic way for children and young people to participate in physical activity as part of and beyond the normal curriculum. Children and young people are instantly engaged by the challenges of hula-hooping, tightrope, plate-spinning, juggling and acrobatics, and there’s something for everyone to have a go at. We’re happy catering for groups of all sizes and abilities and we can run half days, full days or tailored workshops.

Learning circus skills benefits children in many ways. It can:

  • Nurture creativity and imagination
  • Create resilience and self efficacy
  • Help improve coordination, physical literacy and awareness
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Create skills and abilities which are transferable to other subjects and life in general 
  • Build confidence and problem solving skills
  • Increase and improve sociability and capacity to work in a team 
  • Enable active learning

Let the magic begin!

Here are some of the schools and colleges we’ve worked with:

Dyson Institute of Engineering & Technology
Cotswold Chine School
Chosen Hill School
Cotswold School
Cheltenham College
Bussage Primary School
Cirencester College
Stroud College
Tredworth School
Kitebrooke School