Based in Gloucestershire, our team of expert performers and teachers await you.

Join School of Larks for a variety of exciting options, with both structured training and classes available for curious participants to explore circus skills. Open your imagination as you stretch both your body and mind. Immerse yourself in these astonishing arts as you turn them into practical skills.

Available to fun-seekers in rural and urban areas where access to these types of activities is limited. We welcome children and adults alike.

Our wonderful offerings include regular weekly classes, workshops, parties and events for both adults and children. Our team’s extensive and inclusive experience with all aspects of circus means that we are delighted to offer you: Aerial (trapeze, silks, hoop, rope,), Floor acrobatics (tumbling, duo acro, group acro), Balancing (tight rope, rolla bolla, walking globe) Juggling (scarves, balls, rings, clubs), Object manipulation (diabolo, plates pinning, flower sticks, hula hooping).

Circus skills are not only fabulously fun, but they are also steeped with creative and educational powers…participants may find themselves experiencing increased self-esteem, coordination, autonomy, strength, flexibility, and self-control. Find a sense of community in our classes and workshops, as you cultivate mutual respect and understanding, key skills for any age.

The spectacular array of circus skills available allows each student to find their interests and passions. Aerial and circus skills provide a remarkable combination of sport and art which makes them an important educational tool.