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Welcome to School of Larks

We are a young team of performers, teachers and yoga professionals based in Gloucestershire. We have created a rural based circus and arts school which endeavors to bring activities to the rural area which are usually only accesible in cities. The School of Larks currently provides circus skills classes for adults and children and circus and arts training sessions in the area of Stroud and Nailsworth.
We do circus classes, workshops, parties and events for adults and children in aerial trapeze, silks, hoop and rope, unicycle, juggling (diabolo, scarves, devilsticks, poi etc) balancing, hulahooping, yoga and floor partner acrobatics (acrobalance).
We are very interested in the educational and creative possibilities of aerial and other circus disciplines and the benefits they can have on self-esteem, coordination, autonomy, strength, flexibility and self control as well as cooperation and working in a team and mutual care as well as many others. There is also huge variety of different skills in circus, which means that each individual has the oportunity to find out which interests them most. As Aerial and other circus skills are considered a sport and an art they are an excellent combination as an educational tool.
Our classes always involve a warm ups, often based on yoga to make sure that all students are aware of the importance of a safe and healthy use of their bodies.


9:10-10:30am Circus conditioning for adults all levels - Stroud     Book Now
1:55-3:10pm Home-ed aerial class - Stroud     Book Now
4:30-6pm Floor acrobatics and aerial class for 8-14yrs - Nailsworth     Book Now
4- 5:15pm After school Circus skills class - Wynstones School


9am-10:30am Training - Nailsworth     click here
2:15-3:30pm Home-ed aerial class - Stroud     Book Now
4 - 5:15pm Contemporary dance 8-14yrs - Sawyer Hall, Nailsworth     Book Now
4:30-5:45pm Circus Skills class for 5-8yrs - Nailsworth     Book Now
4:45-5:55pm - Aerial class for 9-13yrs - Stroud     Book Now
5:45-7pm - Adult Contemporary Dance - Nailsworth     Book Now
5:55pm-7:10pm - Adult aerial beginners class - Stroud     Book Now


1-2:15pm Home-ed circus skills - Nailsworth     Book Now
2:30-4pm Home-ed aerial and floor acrobatics class for 8-13yrs - Nailsworth     Contact Us
4-5:30pm Teen aerial intermediate class - Nailsworth     Book Now
6-7:30pm Adult aerial for beginners and intermediate - Nailsworth     Book Now


11:00am-12:30pm - Acro-balance, Cirencester college
3:45-5pm aerial class for 5-8yrs - Stroud     Book Now
4:30-5:45pm - Circus skills class for 5-8yrs - Nailsworth     Book Now
5-6:15pm aerial class for 9-12yrs - Stroud     Book Now
6:30-8pm Adult aerial for beginners and intermediate - Nailsworth     Book Now


5:30-7:00pm - Adult Acro-balance - Nailsworth     Contact us

10:25-11:35am Adult aerial for beginners - Stroud     Book Now
11:40am-12:50pm 11+/teens - Stroud     Book Now
10am - 1pm Training - Nailsworth     click here


Our Locations

Centre for Science and Art
13 Lansdown


Nailsworth Subscription Rooms
Bath Road


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